budgetbettorClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is Luke Charles and ​I’m not here to waste your time or Money so lets get right into it. I used to walk into the William Hill bookies on Clumber street in Nottingham, England and would stand there for a couple of hours throwing money into the machines.

I knew I wouldn’t make anything long-term, but the buzz of a £50 jackpot was worth it at the time.

Every night I would think to myself: “How can I stop losing money and start gaining profit properly?”.

I remembered this guy in the bookies who would walk in every Saturday morning with a hand full of papers and walk out with what looked to be about 1500+ QUID!

After I caught my jealousy one afternoon, I swallowed my pride and chased him outside to ask him his secret.

Must be worth trying I said to myself. That day I got ACCESS TO HIS MOST BASIC SYSTEM after twisting his arm over a few pints.

By avoiding complacency and tracking my results, I tweaked this system into my own little money making machine.

This helps combat the lower odds these horses often have and with us winning so much of the time it’s crazy not to put more on this pick.

This is the horse that made the short list on my hunt for the BEST PICK OF THE DAY but was usually in a race a little too competitive to back at 2pts.

You can always make profit from this system no matter how much you wish to bet because this system works and has a lot of longevity.

If you can’t afford the starting budget then that’s fine we can just use the same method with smaller stakes.

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