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With ALL this Extra Height comes Great Advantages! You are Probably very familiar with a few of them.

The Truth is 97.5% of women will only date men who are TALLER than them.

The Taller you get, the more people start to Notice you, the bigger your ego becomes. Just getting through the Compliments… and Attention you receive will become a challenge… that you must be Prepared to handle.

There is no reason why you cannot Start this Today…and by the time you are going to those Christmas and New Year parties, you will be drawing yourself a lot of attention… and building up a Big Desire in others to be with You.

It’s no secret that humans are Visual creatures. We are naturally attracted to Beautiful Things… and height contributes to making us more Appealing.

A Study done by Cornell University, New York… revealed that out of 80 Online Daters 42% of the Women Lied about their Height and 55% of the Men also Lied about their Height.

Which just shows how Important Height is…in order to Attract a Mate

Apart from being Taller… and More Attractive. You will be Mentally and Physically Stronger!

Now that you are Tall… and overcome the biggest obstacle in your life… you will Plough through every other problem in your path with your Stronger and more positive mind… and Turn your Dreams into Achievements.

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Being Tall does give you the Edge of Confidence, for example…if You are going for a Job Interview… or wanting to approach that really Good Looking girl or boy at Work… Read more…