MASS3 LV1 Training - Alpha Physique Engineering - APEcoach.comClick Image To Visit SiteMASS3 – stands for Minimum Activation to Stimulate Strength, Size and Shreds and is specifically designed to help busy guys like you, build muscle, skyrocket strength and burn fat in minimal time with maximum results so you can work fitness into your lifestyle and achieve the body of your dreams while living fully; not working your lifestyle around fitness, being a slave to the gym.

I get it. Life is BUSY. Today, there are more demands for your time than ever. Between work, school, family, sports, covering rent and trying to have some sort of a social life… it can get overwhelming.

Trying to stay atop of your fitness and achieve the body of your dreams can seem like just another to-do, or a daunting chore rather than a rewarding, exciting experience.

With all the misinformation, useless gimmicks, quick-fix schemes and crash diets that flood the market and media, it makes it even more complicated and time consuming to sift through all the garbage and BS; time you already feel like you don’t have.

So, you put it off. You tell yourself you’re just too busy to deal with all that nonsense right now, you’ve still got time to change in the future, so you’ll do it later.

You feel it every time you look in the mirror… a deep dissatisfaction with what you see reflected back at you. It’s like a wound that just won’t seem to fully heal, like a scab that keeps getting ripped open every time you’re at the beach or by the pool and you’re reminded that your body isn’t what you know it could be.

You notice your pants are fitting tighter, your gut is starting to grow, you know you should be doing something about it, but it seems like too much work and too much time to address, so you reassure yourself, you’ll deal with it later.

But the fact remains, you know deep down you deserve better. You want to feel more confident and powerful; you’re tired of feeling self-conscious and unhappy with the way you look.

You wish there was an easier, less complicated way to get the body of your dreams once and for all, without having to spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours searching and sifting through all the garbage only to spend hundreds more hours trying it all out like a lab rat in an experiment.

Not to mention the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars wasted on useless products and programs that don’t end up leaning out anything but your wallet.

I’ve been there, and I’ve gone through it all and it f*#king sucks. But there’s one thing I can assure you; your days of frustration and hoping for something better are finally OVER.

Through that pain, struggle and desperation I was able to create a simple solution, a step-by-step system that you can immediately… Read more…