Pass The Beep Test!Click Image To Visit SiteIf you’ve tried to pass the beep test in the past and failed, it’s a miserable feeling. I know because it happened to me. There is nothing more depressing to your outlook on life than to go in for "the beep test" and failing to meet the benchmark — then you miss your chance to even be considered for an interview!

But if you’re anything like me, you’re probably sick and tired of trying to find free information on the web. I’m willing to bet you are at the end of your rope, trying fitness junk that just plain doesn’t even work. There is so much misinformation about fitness training for the beep test and eating right too, its tough to separate the good stuff from the bad.

Why? Because everybody is a "fitness expert" these days. I’ll bet most of the "how to beat the beep test" info you found online was written by a person that never even passed the beep test. It’s true, just check it out. You’ll be surprised at how many so called "fitness gurus’ never even attempted the beep test.

Glad you asked. My name is Brent Clayton. I’m an active duty firefighter in Victoria, Australia.

Since becoming a firefighter, I have developed a massive interest in the Fire Service Recruitment and have spent the past 7 years thoroughly learning how Fire Service Recruitment works, testing ways to help people get the edge over the competition.

But… I joined the Fire Brigade only after I passed the beep test… on my 3rd attempt. Yes, I failed my first time, and my 2nd time. I passed the 3rd time, only because I took the bull by the horns and got mad after I failed it the second time. I was going to do whatever it took to make darn sure I passed it on my 3rd attempt.

If you need to pass the beep test to get your job as a Firefighter, Military, Policeman or Policewoman… I can help you…

Please stop what you’re doing and for a second and give this page a little time — I’m about to share the strategies that get you the test results you need.

My comprehensive beep test training and strategy guide will show you step-by-step how you can achieve high beep test score results faster than you ever thought possible.

I have been exposed to the beep test on both an employment entry perspective as well as a competitive level challenging my military colleagues. I was able to meet many people who would have loved to be doing the same or a similar job to what I was doing. But their fitness tests (especially the beep test) was preventing them from having the career of their dreams.

Since I know very well about this type of beep test procedure testing and what is needed to pass the recruitment tests, I helped them pass these tests. Generally, they would do OK in other fitness tests, but fail… Read more…