The Secret to Become an Alpha Male by Jon Andersen - Monster MindsetClick Image To Visit SiteWhat if I told you there is one simple thing that 99% of the people in this world do not know how to do that the 1% of successful people have mastered? Would you believe me?

Do you want to learn how this forgotten method of mental preparation has boosted athletes’ performance levels by over 300%?

Not only was I being bullied by adults in my life but I was also picked on by the “cool kids” at school.  

When I was a child, I remember showering after football practice and all the kids pointed and laughed every time as they called me “saggy boy tits” and “hairless scrotum.”

Until one lucky day I stumbled upon this simple trick! It had been in my face for many years but I just couldn’t see it!

This trick was so mind-blowingly simple and powerful. It absolutely changed my life though. It was like someone gave me a shot of testosterone straight into my body and I swear I was stronger and more confident each workout I did from that day on.

Now, I know this might seem kind of out there and far fetched to you… yet, you’ll see how I thought the same as you but instead was completely astonished.

I know what you are thinking, how did you almost doom your entire life by not following this small 3 minute secret?

Not only was I being bullied by my teachers and other adults but I was also picked on by the “cool kids” at school. I remember getting spit on, having my shoelaces tied together and even being beat up constantly.

This wasn’t a confidence booster for me growing up at all. I thought that everyone around me was better than me and that I deserved what I was getting.

Although I hated every minute of it, I felt so worthless that I never thought there was anything I could do to stop it.

Here I was, a young adult with a dark future of low testosterone, loser mentality and nothing in store for the future.

These were supposed to be the highlight years of my life…Yet I found myself extremely unhappy and without the ability to do anything meaningful with my life.

To top it all off, now that I know what it’s like to have high testosterone, a monster mindset and be a dominating alpha male I realize a few things.

I wanted answers, how come I had man boobs and did not have the body many chiseled guys had? How can my DNA just forget what being a man is all about?

And then, the worst things happened. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, I was put into the special education unit in school along with the kids who had mental disabilities. The school bullies called this “the retard room.” I was in tears, I was devastated. From this moment on I was fed up with being  the loser… Read more…