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"It is possible and desirable to learn how to run with the latest sprinting technique displayed by athletes like Marion Jones & Maurice Greene. The technique can be taught to kids once all of its elements are clearly understood. However acquiring this technique as a mature athlete requires long term training that is comprehensive. The aim needs to be on developing the required physical abilities and then using them so that the gains can be transferred into an improved running action. Training Kids for Speed outlines the process that is required."

A passion for me as a coach has also been in developing Middle Distance runners. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to work patiently and persistently toward improving running form and speed. Good Middle Distance performance is very reliant on the athletes ability to run with and maintain good form so that they can run at the speeds that are required for the duration of their event. Thus, the principles explained in this book are important to a runner of any distance.

All young athletes need to learn and practise running properly so that they can run faster easier and avoid injury.

To Coaches, Following the principles displayed in Training Kids for Speed will almost certainly see clear improvement in the running performances of the athletes or players in your care. Many ideas contained in Training Kids for Speed should also help decrease the athletes chances of injury. There is a great range of ideas for you to choose from in Chapter 7 – Training Session Ideas.

To Parents, Reading Training Kids for Speed will prepare you to understand the importance of your children being shaped technically as they mature. It also explains the way that a large variety of areas of training impact on running performance and technique. It discusses what is good practice and what is not. If your children have programs that embrace the principles contained in this book they will have an increased chance of reaching their speed potential and will also have plenty of fun doing it.

Index of Contents Chapter 1 The New Biomechanics of Sprinting A detailed description of the latest technique of Sprinting that is displayed by Athletes like Marion Jones and Maurice Greene. Also discussion of how a knowledge of this can be applied to any developing athlete. Chapter 2 Sprinting & the Nervous system The Nervous system is quite limited in its capacity to recover from certain types of stresses. This is a very important area to understand when aiming to produce and train for high speeds. Chapter 3 Strength Development How can strength best be developed in Kids? Chapter 4 Power Development Any… Read more…